Down the Road

After more than 50 years in the graphic design field, I am interested in pursuing some other activities. I hope to share projects, artwork, music and a story or two!

Recording in the desert

Catch and Release band photographed near Joshua Tree, CA

Fly Fishing Band

  • Catch & Release Band: Chris Santella, Sloan Morris, Doug Mateer and myself have been playing music together since 2009. For our setlists, we use a fair amount of original material pulled from our 5 (and-a-half) CDs. And our covers include lots of Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Dylan, Phish, Faces, Led Zeppelin, Railroad Earth, The Stones and many more...
    In April of 2023, we traveled to Joshua Tree, California to record some of our latest songs. This link will take you to more information about our trip and you can listen to the songs:

Good Reads

Jorvik publishing book cover, The Forever Man

Mostly Historical Publisher

  • Jorvik Press: Their evolving mission is to publish mostly non-fiction books that tell stories about how people, places and times intersect, with an occasional novel or mystery thrown in. Founded in 2012, with roots going back a bit further, Jorvik Press is an independent Portland, Oregon-based publisher of trade paperback, eBook and occasional hardback editions. I've known the owner/publisher, Peter Stansill for many years. I enjoy reading their books, and also, they are kind enough to ask me to design book covers for them.

Good Reads

Tahoe Flight book cover

Thriller/Mystery Publisher

  • Thriller Press: Unique publisher that started 20 years ago and publishes the mystery thrillers written by Todd Borg. There are currently 19 of the Owen McKenna novels, all set in Lake Tahoe, although Owen often ends up in Hawaii, Italy, New York etc. The books have achieved critical acclaim, distribute far and wide and are super fun to read. Thriller Press takes advantage of traditional book printing, ebooks and print-on-demand. Plus, I enjoy the pleasure and privilege of doing the book covers for them.

A Bygone Industry

Minneapolis typestting company rulers

Graph-Tronics, Inc.

  • Time well spent: In the mid-seventies, I worked for a typesetting company called Graph-Tronics in Minneapolis. The owner John Shandruk hired me to work in the keyline and headline departments. He had recently sold the company to a larger company called Dahl & Curry. Daryl Dahl and Denny Curry were helpful in all ways getting Graph-Tronics moving ahead with the new phototypesetting technology. We were fortunate to have a senior Dahl & Curry manager working with us, Joe Kirley. Joe was in his 60s and had decades of experience in typesetting, mostly hot metal. New technology with all its pitfalls presented quality problems for phototype at that time. Joe helped guide the company through the growing pains, smoking his Pall Mall cigarettes and making sure our type was the best it could be. I had many good friends and colleagues there, and there was a reinvention of careers when personal computers eventually replaced the unique craftsmanship of typesetting.

90 Year Old Window Restoration

Window before

Window after

Keeping it out of the landfill

  • One of many projects that have waited years for me to get around to it: This casement window had only minimal upkeep and care over its lifespan from being made in 1930, so I pretty much started over with a good scraping, gluing, paint and all new glass. The wood is something we don't see much of any more. It is dense, clear, vertical grain fir. With no rot whatsoever.

Music for Fishing Trips

Catch and Release band

Cover of Riverbound CD

Disc art of Riverbound CD

Fly Fishing Band